Principal's Message..

The emergence of the libertarian economic arrangement and the pheonomenal achievemant in the field of science and technology has altered the foundational backdrop of the legal culture and the activities centered on law. Law is no longer confined to its rational paradigm of being identified as a mere discourse which control external humen conducts and ensures social justice. Law is slowly revealing implementation and thus its new found dynamism aspiring to strengthen the foundation of the economic order.


R.K YADAV LAW COLLEGE has not imbibed the tradition of inter diplomacy approach to both the privileged and the underprivileged learners and research of law and jurisprudence and thus striving to emancipate such inter disciplinary culture from the elitist domatism and carry the same to the grass root level of the society R.K YADAV LAW COLLEGE is also aspiring to strengthen the foundation of democratic values by encouraging research aimed at simplifying the language of law and legal procedure so that law becomes a real and effective tools for the empowerments of the people in rurals as well as urban India.